Salsa 9-10-12 Havanese Puppies

Salsa had 3 lovely puppies, 2 girls and 1 boy.

They have joined the Staiffer, Vonderohe & StClair families!


Tinello Taffy Luna
3, 6 & 8 Week Pictures
3, 6 & 8 Week Pictures
3, 6 & 8 Week Pictures

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Puppy # 1 (Male)

This cute boy is a member of the
Stauffer Family in Hansville, WA.

Tinello: 3 Weeks Old

Tinello: 6 Weeks Old

Tinello: 8 Weeks Old


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Puppy # 2 (Female)

This lovely girl is a member of the
Vonderohe Family in Portland, OR

Taffy: 3 Weeks Old

Taffy: 6 Weeks Old

Taffy: At Home




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Puppy # 3 (Female)

This lovely girl is a member of the
StClair Family in Redondo Beach, CA

Luna: 3 Weeks Old

Luna: 6 Weeks Old

Luna: 8 Weeks Old



Thank you for viewing our lovely puppies!


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